Missed you. #selfieoftheday (at SM City Batangas) {

Missed you. #selfieoftheday (at SM City Batangas)

Yey! #2048
Pagkatapos ng 98305730927 attempts, nakuha na din! {

Yey! #2048
Pagkatapos ng 98305730927 attempts, nakuha na din!

Sorry yun. \m/ {

Sorry yun. \m/


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10 Morning Rituals That Will Improve Your Appearance


Move your body


Squeezing in a sweat session in the morning will improve both your body and your mind — now and in the future. In addition to exercise building a fitter, hotter body, the endorphin rush it results in will put you in a cheery mood for hours, and your skin will become clearer over time. You’ll also deal better with stresses that arise over the course of the day. Although you’ll notice benefits from any type of morning physical activity, favor cardio workouts, because you’ll burn more fat in the a.m., and save weight training for later in the day.

Eat a power breakfast


Think of your body as a machine: It needs fuel to run efficiently, and some types of fuel are better than others. Fire up your engine by beginning your day with a breakfast that will keep your energy revved up for hours. The best power breakfast is a combination of lean protein and slow-burn carbs, so try things like steel-cut oats with fruit and yogurt or an omelet with vegetables. If you’re in a rush, blend up fruit with milk or juice, and add a scoop of protein powder for an on-the-go smoothie.

Clean your teeth


Although there might be a debate on whether it’s better to brush your teeth before or after breakfast, the one thing everyone can agree on is that brushing in the morning is crucial for both your oral health and a better looking smile. From the #1 power toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals comes the new Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum. It removes up to 7x more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush and delivers up to 3x more brush strokes for a superior clean*.

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I can’t make you love me if you don’t.

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6 Tips to Help You Get Things Done


1. Ask yourself what it is that you really want. Write it in a journal. 

2. Ask yourself what’s stopping you? What are the obstacles holding you back? What could you do about them? 

3. Where do you see yourself one month from now? How do you imagine your life to be days, months or years from now? When you can start to picture a future you want, you’ll feel more motivated to making your vision come true. 

4. What action could you take now that would get you closer to your goals? Sometimes, we procrastinate because we put so much importance on the task at hand that it gives us anxiety. You can consider to delegate your tasks or break them down into manageable pieces. 

5. Who could help you? The truth is nothing can be done alone. There are things where you are not so good at or do not enjoy. It would be better to delegate those tasks and focus what you do enjoy. 

6. What are your resources? 

Lahat tayo walang takas sa kamatayan.. At dahil alam natin na mamatay tayo balang araw, diba dapat yun nga ang magtulak sa atin para mas mabuhay? Kung alam mong bilang na ang mga araw mo, diba dapat mas lalo mong habulin ang mga pangarap mo? Kung alam mong maiksi lang ang buhay, hindi ba mas lalo kang magmamahal? At kung alam mong tinatawag ka na ni Kamatayan, hindi ba mas lalong gusto mo mabuhay?

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take yourself out of it {


take yourself out of it